Acupuncture for TMJ

Temporo Mandibular Joint syndrome (TMJ) is a condition that is related to the muscles and tendons connecting the jaw to the skull. People who suffer from TMJ often experience jaw pain that may radiate to the neck and shoulders, difficulty opening and closing their mouth, popping and clicking of the jaw, facial pain, headaches, ear … Continued

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The Mulberry Tree in Chinese Herbology

One of the most useful plants in Chinese herbal medicine is the white mulberry plant, Morus alba. Since ancient times the Chinese have used this plant for raising silkworms which utilize the tree’s leaves as their main source of food. Chinese medical practitioners have used several parts of this plant for centuries to treat various … Continued

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Inflammation: Western & Chinese Medical Perspectives

One of the best professors that I ever had in Chinese Medicine school was doctor James Giordano. Dr. Giordano taught pathology to Western and Chinese medical students. In my second year of school, I remember when he listed the five cardinal signs of inflammation; redness, heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function. I learned that … Continued

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Cupping Therapy

HISTORY OF CUPPING Cupping has been widely used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In ancient times it was known as “horn cupping” and/or “bamboo jar therapy.” Now cups are made of additional materials including hard plastic, glass, and silicon. Over the years cupping therapy has been expanded to treat a wide variety of … Continued

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