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Rachel Nowakowski
L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. & CH (NCCAOM), CMT

While in college I studied science with the intention of applying to Chiropractic college. It was during this time that I took a course in massage therapy, which led me in the direction of studying massage further. In 1993, I received a massage therapy certification from the Garden State Center for Holistic Health. In 1994, I moved to Asheville, where I worked at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic as an assistant to the practitioners while I built my massage practice. I was truly inspired by the results I saw as an assistant and decided to study Chinese Medicine.

I completed a one-year tutorial with Cissy Majebe before transferring to the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999 following the completion of an internship at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu, China. During my clinical internship experience, I developed a special interest in working with urological and prostate conditions, which continues to influence my practice today.

I have practiced at the Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic since 2000 and also worked at the Hendersonville clinic from 2000 until 2005. My experience as the Administrative Director of Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, since 2003, has allowed me to share my enthusiasm for my work with students and the public. As a practitioner I emphasize self-care. I educate my patients on how lifestyle choices influence health, and encourage them to use Chinese Medicine personal cultivation techniques to maintain wellbeing.

Junie Norfleet
M.Ed., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Acupuncturist Junie Norfleet M.ed., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)I received a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree in 1969 from UNC at Greensboro and began my teaching carrier in elementary schools. After teaching for 10 years, I went back to school, in 1979, to obtain a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from Western Carolina University. I then taught and served as head of lower school at a private school.After three months of working in private education I decided to try some new work experiences. This led me to working with Cissy Majebe as a receptionist and administrative assistant at her acupuncture clinic. I worked at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in a variety of positions until I left for acupuncture school in 1997, after having completed a one year tutorial with Cissy Majebe.

I completed my Masters in Oriental Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1999. My clinical internship included seeing patients in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM.

Upon completing my degree in Oriental Medicine I returned to Asheville and began working as a practitioner at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. Since helping to establish Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in 2003, I have taught Herbology, Qi Gong and operated as the Financial Director. I regularly travel nationally and internationally to continue studying the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing. In 2000, I began serving patients at our Waynesville satellite clinic. I currently see patients at both our Asheville and Waynesville locations. I enjoy working with all conditions but am especially interested in working with Multiple Sclerosis, mental/emotional imbalances, and women's conditions.

Joshua Herr
M.S., L.Ac. Dipl. Ac. & CH (NCCAOM)

Acupuncturist Joshua Herr M.S., L.Ac. Dipl. Ac. & CH (NCCAOM)When I started college it was with the intent of studying medicine in graduate school. It was while studying chemistry at Warren Wilson College and exploring different medical modalities that I discovered Chinese Medicine. I was attracted to it because of its antiquity and sophistication in the practice of herbal medicine, diet, meditation, and martial arts. I decided to move to Seattle to study Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University.

I received a Masters of Science in Acupuncture from Bastyr in 2000. That same year, I traveled to Seoul, Korea to do a clinical internship. After receiving my Washington State acupuncture license in 2000, I began working at an integrated clinic in Seattle. During that time I also provided acupuncture with a teenage outreach program. It was in 2004, that my wife and I decided to move with our then 3 year-old son to Asheville and extend our family. In 2005, my daughter was born.

I was invited to join the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in 2006. Since then, I have been serving both the Asheville and Hendersonville communities. I am currently teaching acupuncture micro-systems, pediatrics and herbal medicine at Daoist Traditions. I am experienced with working with diverse conditions and especially enjoy working with children, pain, and fertility.


Ann Wolman
L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. & CH (NCCAOM)

Acupuncturist Ann Wolman L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. & CH (NCCAOM)My interest in Chinese Medicine was an outgrowth of a life long interest in Asian philosophy and culture. I first read Jane English's translation of the Tao Te Ching with my Judo class in the eighth grade. In 1993 after completing a Bachelors of Science degree and a teaching certificate at the University of Colorado, I took a leave of absence from my teaching job and went to acupuncture school. I graduated from Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1996. After graduation I traveled to Asia and returned to practice in Boulder, Colorado from 1997-2004.

In 2004 l left Boulder and moved to North Carolina. Soon thereafter, the president of my acupuncture college suggested that I contact Dr. Cissy Majebe. After we met, I was offered a teaching position at Daoist Traditions Acupuncture College. This led to me becoming Director of the Clinical program at Daoist Traditions. I enthusiastically joined the staff at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, in 2007, because the clinic provides the best patient care I have seen anywhere in the country.

I continue to teach both acupuncture and herbal medicine at Daoist Traditions. I see patients in Hendersonville and Asheville. I continue to practice martial arts and enjoy working with a wide variety of patients at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. My specialty areas include womens health and pain management.


Karen Litton, MSW
L.Ac., LMBT, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)

Acupuncturist Karen Litton, MSW L.Ac., LMBT, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)In 1972 I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas and a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College, NYC in 1981. I spent 10 years working with mentally handicapped, disordered individuals and their families in the social services field. Wanting a different approach to working with people I attended to the Florida School of Massage where I received a massage license in 1986. My husband and I then moved to Western North Carolina where I worked at Nantahala Outdoor Center as well as established a massage practice in the area.

My interest in Chinese Medicine began 20 years ago when I came to the Asheville Chinese Acupuncture Clinic for treatment. Eventually I realized that the pursuit of a Chinese Medical degree would let me expand many of my skills and interests in health care: my awareness of the emotional and spiritual aspects of health and healing, my enjoyment of working with people, and my love of plants and Herbology. I decided I wanted to attend Daoist Traditions School of Chinese Medical Arts once it was established in Asheville. I received a Masters Diploma of Oriental Medicine in May of 2008.

In the Fall of 2008 I was invited to join the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic as part of its staff. I am excited to be working with such a talented group of practitioners. Over the past 20 years of practicing massage, structural integration, and yoga I have worked with many athletes and their injuries, as well as many other conditions. I currently see patients in Waynesville and Asheville. I continue my studies in Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture with travels to NYC to study with Jeffrey Yuen. I enjoy working with all aspects of a patient's health, including foods, exercise, and personal cultivation techniques.

Dennis Harrison


My interest in Chinese Medicine grew gradually.  In some ways it seems that it grew even from the time I was born in Japan!  I have always been interested in Oriental philosophy.  Even though I then grew up on military installations, by the time I was in high school, I was enthralled with the poetry of Zen and the discourses of many eastern teachers.  At the same time I was active in the sports of football and lacrosse.  In college I went to Hobart in upstate N.Y. and studied psychology and sociology.  I have worked in the field of mental retardation as a counselor, as well as headed the leadership program for American Youth Hostel which trained leaders who then led trips with teens all over the world.

I love the out of doors and have also spent time teaching cross-country skiing in Vermont, as well as working at the Nantahala Outdoor Center as head of their rafting program.  My wife and I have lived in North Carolina for 26 years, where we have also shared a massage business working with athletes and their injuries, as well as “weekend warriors”. 

After using acupuncture and the CAC as my primary health care for many years, I decided to attend acupuncture school at Daoist Traditions Acupuncture College in Asheville.  It allowed me to combine many of my interests and ground them back in Oriental philosophy once again!  Working now at the CAC, I currently see patients in Waynesville and Asheville.  I enjoy working with a wide variety of patients.  I appreciate how the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects interweave in a person’s healing. 

David A. Treviño

M.S.O.M., M.Ed., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)

In 1986 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from Texas  A&M University. After earning my bachelor’s degree I worked for eight years at the Neurobehavioral Institute of Houston brain injury rehabilitation center. In 1996 I earned a Master’s in Physical Education in the area of Human Health & Performance from the University of Houston.  I later spent five years as an exercise physiologist for Harvard’s Mind Body Medical Institute affiliate program at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

 In 2002 I earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine from the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Houston, Texas.  After graduating from Chinese medicine school, I was employed as an assistant faculty member at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Houston, Texas and began my private practice in the Houston Heights area. I also had the privilege to be the only acupuncturist for Southwest Hospital’s palliative care team.  Then in 2006 after working in Houston for 4 years I moved to Asheville, North Carolina and had the privilege to work at the Chinese Acupuncture & Herbology Clinic and as a faculty member of Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical arts for five years.  I then returned to Houston for two years to help with my ailing in-laws while I was employed as a full time faculty member at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and worked part time at M.D. Anderson’s Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine program and Memorial Herman’s M-Health outpatient pain and rehabilitation clinic.

I have a special interest in helping others who are in pain or are suffering with autoimmune disorders and cancer. I also enjoy working with digestive issues and fertility challenges in men and women.   Recently, my interest in classical Chinese medicine and its applications has been significantly stimulated thanks to the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and Sharon Weizenbaum.  I am currently on faculty with the Daoist Traditions Acupuncture College of Chinese Medical Arts.  In the last seven years I have taught numerous courses in Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine and provide clinical supervision for students.  I am currently seeing patients in our Hendersonville and Asheville Clinics. 


M. Cissy Majebe
OMD, M.S., L.Ac., DOM (NM), Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Acupuncturist M. Cissy Majebe OMD, M.S., L.Ac., DOM (NM), Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)My first university degree was a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of New Orleans. I then studied at the University of Southern Mississippi where I received a Masters in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation. While working on a Doctorate at the University of Virginia, I became interested in a more holistic approach to health, which led me to acupuncture.

I graduated with a masters in acupuncture from the American College of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM. I continued my studies at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and was awarded my OMD, Oriental Medicine Degree in l986.

Since that time, I have had two internships at Kyung Hee Hospital in Seoul, South Korea and have completed four internships at various hospitals in China.

I established the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in l985 and am blessed to be surrounded by a well trained and dedicated staff of practitioners.


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